Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Something Is In The Air

Yes, there is something in the air, and even though it is Valentines Day as I hen peck my keyboard, it isn't love...sorry. What there is going through the air, is a dayum flu going around, and IT CAN KILL!. 
You ask, why is this important? We always have some sort of flu season. I will tell you why. Because some people are pigs, and have no respect for others.

I was on the bus the other day, the bus was packed from front to back, and standing room only. There were two people on that bus, coughing so hard, I thought they cough a lung up and onto the floor. These people never even bothered to try and cover their mouth during these coughing fits. Here a germ, there a germ, fucking germs everywhere, and they were just spewing them forth with every cough. 

Now I have no idea why they were on that bus, I would hope they were off to a doctors appointment to try and get something for it, but I doubt it. Otherwise, they shouldn't have been on a city transit bus as sick as they appeared to be. 

I feel sympathy for anyone sick, but these people should have a little considerfation for those around them. 

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