Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Catastrophe Is On The Way

Yes, we are patiently waiting for a new catastrophe. You can always tell when one is approaching, because that's when every one rushes to the store, be it a grocery, hardware, or my favorite, the beer store. They rush out in droves, causing traffic jams and above all, panic. 

So what is this great catastrophe you ask? A dayum snowstorm. It seems every time these people here in this city hear of a snowstorm on the way, they think they have to stock up on food supplies or whatever, for months. It's always good to be prepared, but these people take it to extremes. Hell, the weather service is only calling for 15 to 20 centimeters of snow. That's 5 to 7 inches American!  (Fun fact here, the current Prime Minister of Canada,  well when his father was Prime Minister, he brought the fucking metric system to Canada) 

When we were living back home, we never ran out and stocked up like this. We actually waited for the day of the storm to go out. It was actually a time to meet friends at the local bar, have a few drinks together, play some darts or pool, and have a long bullshitting session.

 No one does things like his anymore, and I find that all a bit sad. There isn't the same community feeling like there use to be. We'd all help each other, go visit each other. Now, many are scared of answering their door in the evening for fear someone has come to rape their women and kill the men, steal their shit, and put their kids into slavery or prostitution.I know I've exaggerated just a bit, but not by much! :)

In this world of Me Too, and political correctness, and everybody wins and gets a trophy, if you took a long hard look, you'd realize they aren't winners, they are whiners and losers. Most walking around waiting for crooked governments to tell them what they should do. 

So whether we get this snowfall or not, because there are times when the weather service has been wrong, it will not change, people will panic, and think the end is near...

While I still have the energy to type, I was wondering if any of you have the same ability as myself. I am able to put my glasses down on my computer desk, go to the bathroom, return, and not know where the hell my glasses are. I spend 20 minutes or more, waundering around the house looking, silently cursing to myself, only to sit down at my computer desk, and viola! there they are... and yes, I did that while I was writing this... 

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