Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's Been A Crappy,Lousy Day and Even Worse for Others

Hope you don't mind, but this is a rambling post. You see sometimes things just don't all come together in a neat package, such as it is today. 
First, I'm tired, tired usually equals a bit cranky... The wife and I spent several hours today putting the house back together after "Hurricane Braeden" spent the last two days here. For anyone who doesn't know what this refers to, Braeden is our 9 year old grandson. Love him to pieces, but wow, he can be busy and messy! 
Once the cleaning was done, my wife, who hasn't been feeling too good the last few days, decided to take a brief nap and left me in charge of putting the pork roast in the oven. That was a mistake. Not that I can't cook, I'm actually a very good cook, but a forgetful one at times. I went out and preheated the oven, and came back in and did some maintenance on my computer. 
 An hour later I decided to check on the roast... it was fine, and still sitting on top of the stove where I left it an hour earlier.

Well I put the roast in the oven, and this was when my wife woke, and first thing she asked, hows the roast doing... I told her it was a little slow, but it'll be fine! She did have all the vegetables peeled and prepared for after. That's a good thing, thank goodness she didn't assign me that task, I have no idea what would have happened. 

I then decided to do a bit of browsing on a site I use to frequent... second mistake of the day. I saw a post by what I call a windbag, posting how he was always taught to speak the truth.

 Well there is a difference, you see there is the REAL truth, and the truth according to how others perceive it. Often their truth is skewed, and trying to convince someone who has their mind made up and closed is a waste of time. So I moved on...

It was after I had moved on and opened another site that I came across a news item, that i found ironic. Apparently some god fearing christian went bat shit crazy and entered a church and opened fire on them, the parishioners. If you aren't safe in what people call gods house... you have to wonder if there is any sense going at all... I say there ain't, many would argue with me. 

I'm sure once the bodies are cleared, the survivors able to give their account of the incident, the people who want to take away the law abiding citizens guns will be out in full force. It's the same shit, just a different day. People who are bat shit crazy shouldn't have guns... I know it's sometimes hard to tell the difference from them and what we consider normal, but I'm sure there has to be some signs that some family member could have picked up on. 

I think most all of should have a gun, hell, I think we should all have a few guns, cause the way things are going lately, I think we are all going to need them to survive. 

 The weather is windy, rainy, and it's just a miserable day, although some are having a rougher day than mine...

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