Thursday, September 28, 2017

Unwelcome Company!

If you know me offline, I am a nice guy... have the patience of ... well, I have a lot of patience. I can tolerate just about anything, well, almost. I can't tolerate an empty beer fridge. 

So I was BBQ'ing some chicken legs this evening for my wife and myself, and I was in and out of the patio door. I left it open because of this. On one of my many trips, I was in the kitchen mixing up some BBQ sauce, (yes, I make my own) when I heard a scream from the living room. The scream was from my wife! Then I heard a, "Get it, Get it quick... holy shit, get it". 

As soon as I heard the scream I went running. There she was pointing at the patio door, and I looked and saw nothing, well, I saw the big plant on the stand next to the door. I said, "Get what?" she says, "The mouse!" Well I couldn't see any mouse, and I was actually wearing my glasses at the time, so it was either very small, or she was seeing things, or the mouse had invisibility capabilities.

She then said it was under the electric heater in front of the patio door, and that was when I saw the little bastard. I started to approach him, and he made a dash for the open patio door, out he goes. I looked out the door and he was literally scaling the brick wall. 

Now I'm not sure how he came to be in our apartment, I can only think he climbed the building, because we live on the top floor of a four story building. Anyway, he scaled the wall and hopped to the roof, that was the last I saw of him.

I have two cats, not one, but two. One of them was sitting right beside my wife as she was screaming. The cat, I'm sure was sitting there thinking, I hope someone gets that mouse, her screaming is keeping me awake.

The other cat was having a nap to ease itself back from having his last nap. Very attentive and energetic our cats... 

Anyway, the mouse was not invited for dinner, don't know why he showed up at all, but I guess I won't be leaving the patio door open anymore....Oh, and the Chicken was delicious!

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