Thursday, September 21, 2017

Geniuses, They Ain't

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Now I'm not the type of person that watches mainstream media, for a few reasons. Most of what they air, is bullshit, and a lot of it is only what they want us to see. Not only that, but most of the time it is misleading, and usually depressing.

I sometimes see tweets published by the local paper here in the city, while browsing Twitter, and often on FaceBook in my news feed, Iwill see a news story,although a lot of those are so far fetched, you have to wonder why anyone would expect you to believe them.

Anyway, while I was browsing through Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet about a news story from the local paper here in the city I live in. It appears, two thieves stole a car, drove it into a back alley, and fell asleep in the stolen car.

I really don't know how long they had been napping, when the local police, called by a concerned citizen, came to the car, and had to wake them up in order to arrest them. Now if I was a car thief, the last thing I would have done was to steal a car, park it where anyone could see it, and fall asleep in it. Yup, these two are not your average thieves... regular geniuses...NOT!

Now lets move on to our own government, the provincial government of Ontario,Canada.They are going to legalize marijuana here in Canada, and our provincial government has stated that it will probably be charging $10 a gram. That is basically what the average price is on the street at the moment. They also didn't state whether that was with or without taxes...

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I would think they would try to sell at lower prices in order to "cut down" on illegal grow ops, because at those intended prices, I'm quite certain the number of "home gardeners" is going to increase, and since that story broke, I'm sure there are people on their way to their local gardening supply stores already!

Yes, we are surrounded by genius, and we didn't even know it.... !!!!!

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