Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Casual an Casuality

Add a few letters, and boom! That little change can make such a huge difference. Just like a few days can make a huge difference as well.What we've seen in the last few days, devastation beyond what many of us can actually comprehend. 

Now casual is what I usually am, and the guy I work with, is the same. We get the work done, we just are very casual about it. I know he's the boss, I just don't let him know, that I know! for instance, as I write, it is 7am, usually I'm sitting on a dayum bus now on my way to his house, and once I arrive, we head off to the local Tim Hortons (that's Starbucks in American) and grab something for breakfast, and a coffee. Then off we go to the job we have going on. Today, I have a lazy streak, so I'm going to linger home a little while longer. I actually need the extra time to regroup. 

I've had a lot on my mind lately, and one such thing are my friends living in the path of destruction that is Hurricane Irma. several people have lost their lives due to this hurricane, not to mention the destruction it has caused. Flooding, loss of power, trees uprooted, and so much more. People losing a lifetime of memories, whether it be photo albums, keepsakes, or even their homes...

Casualties are always  sad, and so often can be avoided, sometimes not. As of last evening, one of my friends were still safe, and even had power, for that I'm very relieved. 

I think one of the things that totally piss me off, are those who have decided to add more misery to some who have lost so much, through the looting that is going on. I think simply just arresting those looters who get caught isn't enough, neither is paying restitution. I think these little bastards should be stood up in a public square against a wall and shot. 
Maybe it would teach others who are of the same mind to think twice about stealing others hard earned possessions. Mans inhumanity to man, never ceases to amaze me. Every time a disaster comes about, there are those who look at it as an opportunity to take advantage of others, when instead of acting like barbarians, they could be helping those who need it... 

For all those who have been affected by the devastation because of the latest hurricanes, I hope you have made it through, and are safe. To those of you who have lost all, maybe even a friend or family member, my heart goes out to you... 

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