Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Night Out!

A clear evening sky, awarm but not hot, a few cold beer and great company,accompinied by an evening sky, that even in the city, we could see a few stars, that was the evening we had last night. My wife and I sat out on the deck, sipping a few cocktails and talking about days gone by, days to come, and just about anything that came to mind. 

Earlier I had BBQ'ed, and we had sat at our little patio table and ate outside. Not a wasp, bee, or mosquito to be found... loved it, oh, and if you read my last post, not a drink was thrown! 

The air was still, and as the day faded and the darkness enveloped the evening sky, I brought a candle outside. It even stayed lit, there wasn't enough of a breeze to blow it out! 

It was a fun night, one of those types you wish would go on forever... but we are old, get tired faster than we use too, and so after a wonderful evening, we headed off to bed. Of course we had an event, which even this morning I had to chuckle at.

Our grandson was here with us, although he spent the evening playing  with one of those game systems, which he had hooked up to our bedroon tv. He's a good kid, and sometimes he is so quiet we often forget he is here! 

As we sat outside, the phone rang, I hardly ever bring the phone out with us, if we miss a call, and it's important, I figure whoever it was will leave a message, or call back. So when the phone rang, I decided to go  inside to answer, and per usual, the phone wasn't in its cradle, so the hunt was on, the phone itself doesn't have a ringer, but the cradle it is suppose to be on, has the ringer. 

By the time I found the phone, it had stopped ringing, so my wife and I looked at the call display to see if we knew who had called. The number didn't look familar, so we decided, if it's important, they will call back. 

As we sat there trying to figure out who had called, our grandson came out on the deck and asked if we had tried to call back the number on the phone, I said we hadn't, why? Well, he had downloaded a program/app, called Text Now. He said he had made the call, to ask his grandmother if she'd make him a ham and cheese sandwich, he said he didn't want to interupt the game he was playing. 

My response was much like, you're lucky I don't kick your ass... Although my wife and I were both laughing, cause if you know our grandson, "Hurricane Braeden" you'd realize it was more of a joke than anything. He has his grandmother wrapped around his little finger, and she knows it!

So he got his sandwich! It was starting to get late, so it was then we decided to call it a night, but it was a wonderful night! 

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