Friday, September 15, 2017

A Little Nothing

Been suffering with writers block for a few days now, I have the urge to write, but no clue what to write. I'd been working helping a guy refurbish his house, due to financial difficulties, he has to sell it. A lot of cleaning and painting, which, by the way, I'm not a fan of. I think I may have inhaled too much toxic cleanser, and it's affected the few brain cells I still have.

It was an hour bus ride both ways to his house, another thing I'm not a fan of. Riding the bus is alright if you have any meat on your ass, if you're like me, and basically have no ass, it sucks. I've been thinking of buying one of those inflatable "donuts" just for riding the bus, I realize people will stare, but I know in their hearts, (those with no ass like myself) will be envious... hell, maybe I can turn it into a business!.

Anyway, really don't have much to write, well except for a little incident from a few days back. The wife and I were sitting out, having a few cocktails, as we sometimes do, and we were assaulted by a bunch of wasps. They kept buzzing around us as we sat, and one landed in my wife's drink.

Now my wife isn't as tolerant as I am when it comes to certain things, one being she doesn't like anyone or anything messing with her drink. I told her it was alright, and that I'm sure the wasp didn't drink that much of it, but she wasn't having any of that, so she decided to chuck out the remainder of what was left in her glass and get a new drink. 

Without looking over the rail, (we live on the fourth floor) she flings whats left, and all of a sudden some guy from down below yells! Yup, she managed to hit some guy down below with her remaining drink. Now I know we shouldn't have, but the two of us both busted laughing, we couldn't help it. You see, down below is grass, not a walkway, just lawn. 
So whatever this guy was doing walking around the lawn, I have no idea, I do know he wasn't mowing it. Besides, he is a crackhead, so we weren't too concerned, also the little that manged to get on him was only a few drops. 
Anyway, he didn't complain much, not that it would have did him any good to. It did make my wife realize that she might take a brief look over the rail the next time she decided to throw a drink over it though! 

Today will be a chillaxin kind of day, and later on the wife and I will be outside having a few cocktails again. We have left notice to the insect community that we are not to be disturbed, and the wife's drink is off limits. 
I just may fire the barbie up as well, got a hankering for some good BBQ'ed pork chops! 


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