Monday, August 14, 2017

Causes, Where do we Draw the Line?

In lieu of recent events, I got to thinking. Everyday I open certain sites online, there is someone pleading for donations for some cause. There are causes for animals, there are causes for aquatic mammals, there are causes for birds, causes for animal shelters, there are causes for just about every religion known to man, and there are so many of them, I have no idea what the count is at. 

All these people who organize these causes, hold events and that go out to meet and greet people, I am certain think they have their hearts and minds in the right place, but sadly many of us, well I'll just say me, have my own causes that mean more to me than many of the causes being thrown at me. 

How many times do you go to the grocery store, and before the total is all tallied, the cashier asks if you'd like to add a couple dollars to your bill for such and such a cause? Not only grocery stores, but places like Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, hell, even the Beer store. 

Many of these causes seem to have their priorities confused. As much as I think the whales should be saved, and the lions run free, I think that maybe man should learn to get along with man, be blind to color, and live by a code of ethics, not by a set of "rules" that as far as I'm concerned, were made up in the name of a non existant god, by men who wanted to control other men. 

Any sane person doesn't need to be told how to treat their fellow man, although with anything else, in this world, there will always be those assholes that have to try to fuck it up for everybody. 

That my friends is where and why we need laws, to protect us from those assholes. No gods, no religious bullshit, just a code of ethics we should already know, and laws if someone pushes the limit. 

I NEVER donate to medical research,it's my belief that it's more profitable to pretend to find a cure, then it is to actually create medicine that actually cures. There is big profits in medical research...

If you want to support a cause, by all means, knock yourself out, have fun,donate till it makes you feel less guilty and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, but it's about time that we all get together and work on the cause for man to get along with man.  

Sometimes I piss people off with my opinions, that's why there is a big X up in the right hand corner... have a Great day!

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