Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Google, You Left Me Down...

I've been sitting in front of my monitor for about 20 minutes. I was literally laughing till the tears were running down my face. You see, sometimes when I write a post, I have no pic for a visual, so I use Google Images at those times. 
So when I typed in the search bar, "older lady with her nipples showing through her shirt" I was amazed at what it was google offered. I wonder if  Kim Kardashian knows Google thinks shes an older lady? Madonna must know, if she doesn't, shes only fooling herself.

I know, I know, you're wondering what the fuck was I looking for that particular phrase for? Well yesterday I had a few errands to run, and since I don't own a vehicle, I often take the bus. I took 3 buses actually. Each one, just after I got on and seated, this same lady kept turning up almost behind me. Each time, the distance and time between changing buses was very different, yet there she was. She was a bit tipsy and had a bit of a problem finding her change for the fare, but she managed it each time.

I'm quite certain the alcohol abuse made her look much older than she was, and I'd suspect that at one time she was what us old farts call, "a real looker". Sadly, those days have passed her by. Anyway, she was wearing a yellow shirt with no bra, and her boobies were almost down to her waist, with prominent nipples sticking out. That my reading friends, is why I was Googling that particular phrase, since I actually wanted to give you a visual... I know, the females are saying WHY? The guys are saying, too bad you couldn't find a good pic for us... sorry guys! 

Anyway, I finished my errands and arrived home. So since it was a beautiful evening, my wife and I had a few 'cocktails" out on the deck and talked and actually had a good time... a well needed one. That's the one thing that has been a constant  for us all these years, we have always been able to just be by ourselves and have a great time. 

I remember when we were much younger, we could be sitting out  and have some music playing, and the next thing you know, we would be dancing around the yard... people walking by must have thought we were Looney tunes, but we didn't care. 

So today I am recovering from what I'll call a "love hangover" and spend a little quiet time home! Hope you all have yourselves a great day! 

Dolly and Me!

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