Sunday, August 6, 2017

When It All Goes Crazy

From the moment we are born,  our surroundings and our connections, our outlook and our ethics, define who we are and what we are. It doesn't matter where you are born, who your parents are, it depends on each and every individual. 
You can come from the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor, the good, the bad, as an individual, you are in control of your destiny. 
Things can be going along completely perfect, and then life can throw you a curve, a glitch. How you handle that curve or glitch, depends on your makeup, your ethics, your sense of purpose and decency.So this is how life goes for the normal, law abiding citizen.

 What happens when that same person suddenly loses control at some point, and becomes an addict to a substance that can literally take control of your thinking process, tricking you into believing you need that drug, and without it, you aren't anyone, or anything. You wake up each day, seeking out that substance, and if you can't afford that substance, you find any means to obtain that substance. Welcome to the world of the addict. It isn't a pleasant place to be, and even if you know it is wrong, this substance has taken over your mind, body and soul. 

I know someone who is in that horrible place. He and his girlfriend, fled one part of the country to avoid arrest for doing things they normally wouldn't have done, but the drug had control, and told them it was alright, and sadly they believed it. Even if deep down inside, they knew it wasn't right, but the feeling they got from that drug, was the deciding factor. 
So after fleeing, they went on a small crime spree, stealing gas to make their next destination, saving the little bit of money they had, for that much needed drug.Going from one small community to the next, stealing and cheating their way, thinking they were some how justified in their decisions. 

Their little spree came to a sudden halt one day, while visiting relatives.While they were visiting, a person who knew what they had done, called the authorities on them, the house they were at was surrounded by police, and eventually they were taken into custody. 
Now they sit in jail cells, one in one place, the other, in another place. The court process is slow at the best of times, and both await charges being laid. Court appearances turn out to be just more delays... delays on finding out their fates, delays on living the way they could have, should they have kept on the straight and narrow. 

If it affected just them, they would be forgotten, and the story would end, with them. That isn't how it works though. They have family, ones they forgot when the drugs took over. The family left behind to try and sort out where they could have went wrong, that things turned out the way they have. family blaming themselves, for individuals who forgot their loved ones, their parents, in some cases even children they have. The ones who cry at night because they miss who they were and could be now. 
The family wondering if it will ever end, and they will become who they once were.... when it all goes crazy... what do we do, who do we turn too...??????

All we can do is tell them we love them, and hope this time, they have learned something, and they become those individuals we loved and still do...