Thursday, August 10, 2017

Court... A Possible Cure for Insomnia**

Not so long ago I spent a day sitting in a courtroom, waiting to give testimony for why a certain individual, should be released on bail. I didn't even know I was suppose to be there. I'd received a call from a lawyer the night before, telling me I didn't need to appear. What happened between that call, and the following morning, I have no idea!
When I received the call I was at work, using a power hammer, to remove a ceramic tiled floor... actually there were 3 of them. I was full of dust, my ears were ringing, and I had swallowed enough of that dust, to fill me to the point that I wouldn't have to eat for days.
Anyway, I received the call at work that morning telling me I had to be in court… from the same dayum lawyer that told me the night before, I didn’t have to. That's why lawyer is pronounced L.I.A.R. So...
I was picked up, with no chance to change my clothes, and dropped off at the courthouse door. Sixth floor, courtroom 7. I passed through the metal detector, and I was greeted by stares of disbelief. I didn't blame them, I couldn't believe it either. Showing up in court, wearing my best pair of holy jogging pants, work boots, and a wife beater T-shirt. I was sure my attire would impress the judge.
I arrived 10 minutes before the court lunch break, which was an hour and a half. I was just far enough away from home, that I didn't have time to go and change, so I did the next best thing, I went and grabbed a beer at a local bar, and had a hamburger, that was so thin, I'm sure the cow wouldn't have  felt them peeling it off its ass. I considered having another beer, but changed my mind, and walked back to the courthouse.
I sat in the back row, silently waiting to be called to the stand. Since these weren't actual trials, but bail hearings, there is no real set time for the person you are there for, you wait, often there are many other hearings that can be brought up before your lucky winner gets his case heard.
Sitting there waiting, you usually experience two things. nervousness, and sleepiness. The sleepiness seems to have had the upper hand, and if you've been operating a power hammer for several hours before arriving, the sleepiness can be a royal pain in the ass. It creeps in, and your eyes start to droop, then the yawns start, and if you’re lucky, you are able to pull yourself out, if not, the snoring starts. Don't snore in court, it pisses the presiding judge off, and if you care anything about the person you are there to testify for, it makes their chances of getting out on bail, slim to none.
Anyway, I managed to stay awake, but sadly, the bail hearing I was there for, was carried over for the following Tuesday. Well, at least I was able to dress for the occasion, this time around...

** a repost from another site that I no longer am a member of...