Friday, April 21, 2017

Cracks, Creaks, Moans and Groans

The past couple of days have found me helping lay a hardwood floor. I love the work, the work doesn't like me. I have a "friend" who decided to join in with the work, Arther Ritis. Actually he isn't much help at all, and just gets in the way. 
I made it through the first day... barely. The first four hours were fine, and after that, it was all downhill from there. We made the mistake of taking a short lunch break. I sat down to have a snack, and things began happening that I didn't even know were happening. 
It was only when I went to stand up, that I noticed my legs didn't want to work. First there was a slow creaking noise, much like that of a rusty door hinge, then there was a sudden crack, which at first, I thought something broke, then came the moan, and finally the big finish... the groan. 
I'd like to tell you the getting up was the hard part... but I won't. The getting back down was just as bad. The only difference was that the moan and groan came before the creak and the crack on the way down... and so the rest of the day was a series of them all together.
The man who I was helping said, "I'll sleep like a baby tonight, after doing this all day". He did... I didn't. It seems old Arther Ritis followed me home, and snuck in my bed. With each slow movement, it was like a bad chorus, creak, crack, moan and groan...
The next day was to see the finish of the flooring, and then we would put on the baseboards. I was a little disillusioned... I'd thought things would be much easier. Nope. Old Arther Ritis assured me I was in for a rough day, and I'll be dayumed if he wasn't right.
Yes folks, I'm old beyond my years, and I'm not happy about it,either.


  1. Don't ya just love that wonderful old age creeping in ?? My biggest problem is my knee which is finally not hurting all day every day, as long as I am careful. Otherwise I am doing pretty good for an old broad, unless I do something that my muscles (hahaha, what is left of them) is not used to. Then I pay for it. You can try getting some curcumin capsules and taking them every day. They are anti inflammatory and also studies have shown they have anti cancer properties to them as an added bonus.

    1. My knees are bad, and my right hip. I get a pain at the top of my behind and it runs right down my right leg... Maybe I'll give those capsules a try!. Thanks Lia, and thank you for stopping by, I'm always happy to hear from you! :)

    2. I come around when I get notice that you posted. I enjoy your writing Skipper.


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