Monday, February 27, 2017

Seeds, Life From Within

A singular living and wondrous seed
Giving an inner life a chance to  be freed 
some starting in the ground   some blowing through the air
others from within from a love two people share.

It truly is Mother Nature at her very best
Once planted, time takes care of the rest
Maturity for that single seed comes slow
with proper nurturing, it will grow

whether  plant or human, seeds react the same
the ingredients of life a mystery in facts and all blame
As the seed grows, it changes shape and even size
what was once, now we can't even recognize
 That singular seed, now has its form changed forever
Mysterious, and beautiful, Mother nature is so clever?

A beautiful flower, colors bright and clear
A child, with blue eyes and dark hair
Seeds, all life grows from a seed, life from within
the cycle continues and a new life will begin.