Friday, November 13, 2015

Almost back to normal......

So, like the title says, things have almost gotten back to normal. My wife under went another hip replacement surgery several weeks ago, and had been re-cooperating here at home. She felt much better and stronger after this surgery, and as usual, over did it. She ended up back in this hospital, with a blood infection. 

Because of the blood infection, she  had a very sore red spot on her leg, and the doctor was afraid the sore spot would ulcer. So he kept her in the hospital for a couple of days. The leg was swollen, but the redness is gradually fading, also the blisters that they were afraid of ulcerating, have also began to heal quite well. She is on bed rest, and for once is actually listening to the doctors orders. 

So this morning, I told her, if she didn't eat so much, I'd be able to keep the dishes all washed, and the kitchen clean....... so when I got back from the emergency room, I apologized. Although I still think I was right! 

I'd been helping a guy i know refurbish a house he bought to flip! he's done 5 so far, and has done well with the profits! The latest one was just finished, and he's already had people interested.When this one sells, he has another he's looking at, and told me he wanted me to come help him with it.

I have to say I really enjoyed the work. I was doing things i hadn't done before, and i found it all very interesting, and at the same time, he taught me a lot. It's not everyone who would let me use power tools! 

At the moment, i have a couple of weeks off, which is kind of good in a way. I can be home with my wife and help her with her recovery, although i do miss being out and about and working. I did make a connection while doing this house with a guy that does trim work, who also bought a house to flip, and he is going to get me to come work for him as soon as the house closes, which is in December. 

It's all good with me, work and money, lifes necessary evils................