Tuesday, July 7, 2015


   I started vaping a little over two years ago. I looked at it as a healthy alternative, to smoking cigarettes, that have  enough chemicals in them, to rot your lungs, and anything else the smoke from those chemicals come in contact with. I own several "pipes" of different sizes and varities, mainly because my oldest son Colin, also vapes, and it was he who turned me on to the vaping world. He has given me several of his "pipes". That is what my wife and i call them, pipes, and if I'd forgotten to mention it, yes, my wife vapes, too!  

   When I started vaping, I had no desire to quit smoking, like I said above, I started vaping as a safer and healthier way to smoke. I've read all kinds of reports since i started to vape, and there are people who have written those reports on both sides of the fence. Some say it is much safer, others say it is as bad or worse, than cigarettes. All I know is that since I've started vaping, and given up the cigarettes, I haven't coughed up any of my lungs when I've gotten up in the morning, I haven't grown any extra appendages , and if I concentrate really hard, I'm still able to have sex.... oh, and beer still tastes as good as it always has. 

    Now the main point of this post...I know, finally...... anywho, I know a lot of people who do vape, and to be perfectly honest with all of you, they get on my Friggin nerves. Any time I run into one of these people, they are asking me all kinds of friggin questions about what type, how many volts, what about amps, do you get a good "hit" from..... blah, blah, blah....... All I know is, I have several "pipes" and I fill them when they are empty, charge the batteries when they are low. I change wicks when necessary. As long as I can get a good draw of vapour to fill my lungs, I'm Freaking happy! 

So, any of you crazy bastards here, vape?