Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spiting Nails and Creating Holes

If anyone has been reading my last few posts, they will have realized I have a bunch of idiot neighbours. They prowl all night stealing stuff and sleep all day. I went out yesterday evening, and totally lost it on the friggin works of them.

I was yelling so loud, my wife, who was embarrassed by my tirade, could hear me from 3 blocks away. I basically told them that if another fucking stolen e-bike turned up in our yard, they were going to be toast. You know the funny part (sic) is that last night after I went to bed, someone stole MINE!

There are people coming and going in this yard all day and I've finally grown sick of it. There is no need for the bums that are showing up here. Crack and meth heads abound here, as do hookers and the people in this neighbourhood are getting sick and tired of it. I'm sure I didn't make a good impression after my tirade last evening, but it was to either be that or have my head literally explode. 
Calling the police to investigate the theft of my e-bike is pointless, because by now, my bike is sure to be a different color and the serial numbers either ground off, or slightly changed.  

I had other reasons for getting mad yesterday, but for self preservation, I won't go into them, but, I will be doing something about what is going on around this neighbourhood. These assholes have had free reign too long.............