Sunday, May 24, 2015

One of those Scary Life Moments..... and other stuff

We had been babysitting our grandson, Hurricane Braeden on Friday. His dad was here as well, and we had been watching him as good as one can without holding him fast to where we were. He had his bicycle and was playing with some friends hes' made around our neighbourhood. His father had just yelled out to him to get back in the yard, and all of a sudden a lady came yelling he had been hit by a car on his bike. 

We all took off running to see him on the road, and my son went and picked him up, which I told him he shouldn't, because we didn't know the extent of his injuries. He was crying his little heart out, not worried about anything but he didn't want no needles or stitches. He just wanted band aids......... 
As it turned out, after a few worrisome hours at the hospital, all he needed was band aids... THANK GOODNESS! 

A few of our little mans' injuries.......

One of the things that pissed me off about this whole thing, was the woman who was driving the car, was more worried about herself and her "top of the line car", her words....... She had 3 kids in her car, and was 5 months pregnant again..... people like that bitch shouldn't be reproducing.

I think I had mentioned that my e-bike had been stolen. My son and I went to a few of the neighbourhoods around the city where those "borrowed" items turn up, but with no luck. We had asked around as well, and the same name came coming up. It was the upstairs neighbours name..... Well, karma can be a bitch at times, because yesterday two of his bikes "walked" out of the yard. 

He called me on his phone and asked how everything around the house was going. I told him everything was peachy keen, but was wondering who was upstairs in his apartment, because I could hear someone walking around, and since he was suppose to be someplace else, I found it odd I could hear someone walking above me. He said he didn't know, and would be home soon.

Well, he never showed up and the reason was he was hiding from the people who came by for money he owed them. He had been upstairs all along, and never came out of hiding till sometime through the night.

He mentione about his bikes being taken, and I told him I had no interest in his bikes since mine had been stolen. I also told him his name was the one that came up time and time again when we had been asking around... which he feigned surprise at
I did tell him he should be happy though. he wondered why. I told him he must feel good to be debt free now, since the two bikes were basically "repossessed. He's now starting out with a clean slate. He didn't think it was funny, me, I laughed my ass off.......................