Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don't Pee on my Leg, and tell me it's Raining......

I've always tried to be a nice guy, do what I can for people, so does my wife. After a time, people seem to confuse generosity for being stupid or simple minded. Such has been the case lately.
My youngest son "invited" a couple to stay with us, for which I thought was a vacation, had no idea they were planning on staying here. Anyway, I've had two house pests... I mean guests, for a little over a month. 

When I found that one said guest was going to find a job and he and his woman would be moving out shortly, I was over joyed. I ran outside and raised a flag, and would have shot fireworks out my ass if I'd have had any. Sadly, the job only lasted a week and 1 day. Apparently part of that job required you to actually be there. If you spend all your money on booze, weed and going to the Seven eleven because you seem to have a stomach much like a seagull, what are you goping to pay the bus fare to get to work with? 

I won't get into any of the other nasty details, because it would only make me mad, and I more than likely would blow the top of my head off. (Blood pressure) 

Anyway, today my housepests have gone to London, On to work with my son. Well, he will work, she will take up space. Normally I go on these out of town work-a-thons, but I needed space and piece of mind. 

Now I'm not saying they haven't contributed now and then, but when you contribute by buying groceries, and tell me you spent this much, and I'm the asshole putting the groceries away and see the actual sales slip that tells me it's this much.....plus added to the fact that they figure since they bought it, maybe they should eat it all?????? ..... don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining! 

oh, by the way, HAVE A NICE DAY!