Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Soap Opera of Life...

   Lately, my life has been much like a soap opera. Crazy people coming out of the wood work. I was awakened this morning to the sounds of yelling and banging.It seems the upstairs crackhead/neighbour thought it might be a good idea to bang his friends wife. His friend didn't it seems. 
   Now I'm sorry his friends wife is a slut, and he's a fucking idiot, but I sure as hell didn't need to get dragged into their soap opera, by being woke up at 5:45 in the morning. 
   I went to do laundry for my wife and I yesterday, and the laundry room is filled with clothes from said neighbour, and a couple of women of questionable reputation. Well, they will have to rewash, because their clothes are now a rug basically. The clothes were in the washer and dryer for two days now, and there is only one of each! Since the the upstairs neighbour isn't paying his rent, and he has two others living and sponging the water, gas and power from the landlord, he and they are basically what would be considered squatters.... at best.
   These people spend the day sleeping, and the night out and about stealing whatever isn't nailed down. The backyard resembles the set of the old TV show, Sandford and Son.The police must get dizzy, from circling the block here so often through the day........... A constant presence, and nothing ever done, tax payers money in motion!
      So now, I'm going to make another coffee, the 4th since I've been up at 6. I'm soon to be hyper enough to swing off the ceiling fan.... oh well, life goes on.