Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Know Your day is Going to Suck, When.............

   Last night I spent more time wearing a path in the floor from the bed to the bathroom, than I did sleeping. I felt like crap, and crap........... I did. I spent a good deal of the day looking on Ebay for a new ass. They didn't have anything in my color or size, so I guess I'm stuck with the old model for now.
My stomach eventually settled down, and I got up, had a few cups of coffee, and decided I would take a shower to get the cobwebs out of my head. Once I finished, I had a nice shave, only nicked myself twice.... and that was with an electric razor. I then decided to brush my teeth. Well, that didn't go so good. I still don't know how I did it, but I dropped my tooth brush into the toilet. Now I don't care if the dog, the cat, or  my crazy neighbour would drink out of the toilet, I ain't using a tooth brush I just dropped into it.

   I didn't have a spare, so I used my finger, and also a whole lot of mouthwash. It isn't the same, so later today, when I had some shopping to do, I grabbed a couple of tooth brushes! I put one to use when I got home! 

   I thought I might do the laundry so it wouldn't get too far a head of us, but the washers and dryers were all busy. So maybe tomorrow I'll get it done. I really don't like piles of laundry laying around, neither does my wife, and since she had her hip operation, there are some stairways I just don't want her trying, the stairs to the laundry room is one of those sets of stairs. 

   Anyway, we had a beautiful day as far as our weather was concerned, so the best part of my day was BBQing some steaks for us. Medium, and  my wife made her famous potatoe salad, and we did up a big pan full of onions, mushrooms, and red and green peppers to go with the works. 

   So a day that started out as a "pain in the ass", turned out to be alright. Hopefully, I'll get a good nights sleep.