Thursday, March 19, 2015

That Weird Guy in the Neighbourhood!

   So there I was, standing at the door, yelling like a banshee. Braeden, get in here now, get off the street! It is a relatively quiet street as far as traffic goes, but one never knows. When the "Hurricane" is at our house, I want to make sure he is safe. 

   Wherever he goes, he attracts other children, he has that sort of personality. So yesterday was no exception. He brought two young friends he had met, and they were using those old type Walkie -talkies, but they weren't working properly.Well, one wasn't. So they needed a screwdriver to open it up to see what was wrong. I knew it was because the battery was dead, so I opened the back up to discover it was a nine volt battery, which was something I didn't have, and told them we can take a trip to the dollar store today. That was fine with them, so today I'll be off to the dollar store.  

   Later last evening, I was sitting at the computer, the TV on in the background. It was then an episode of Family Guy came on. As usual, the shows predator came on, and it was at that moment that I realized, if anybody didn't know me, I could easily be identified with "Herbert",

Quite often, when I'm at home, my "attire" is my old housecoat. It's warm, and comfortable. PJ pants, and slippers. Which is fine, except I often have to go outside when Braeden is there to check on him. Often he is doing something I'd call risky, and I have to yell for him to stop whatever it is he is doing. I'm sure the neighbours have to hear me as well as see me at times....... 

I'm thinking I am going to have to be much more careful in my dress, especially when there are young children here in our yard and driveway! 

   Appearances can often make or break you, and I really don't want to be known as that weird guy in the neighbourhood, especially since there is already a few of those "weird guys" around now................