Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Ramblings

   I just finished the daily shit shovelling, yes, I said it. We have two cats and a rabbit, who all have their own litter boxes.I have been "volunteered" by my wife, to do the daily clean up. I'm beginning to wonder about my decision to get two cats,(we had three, but my mother became really attached to one),  the rabbit was a gift from my son to his mother on Mothers Day. I should have told him it was up to him to come each day and do the rabbit clean up, but I figure that would have ended in either me doing it as I am now, or me building sideboards on the rabbits litter box, till he got around to doing it.... which would have been like a snowballs chance in hell. 

   Other than the clean up, I haven't been too productive today.I did throw together a site, which is actually a work in progress. Doing small things like that keeps my mind busy and my hands off of things that could get me in trouble! 

   I promised my wife I'd make a stir fry for her for this evening. She loves my stir frys, and I do like to cook, so it's a win-win all around. Of course I had to run to the local grocery store and grab some rice, she refuses to eat a stir fry without rice..... but then I hink rice is a necessity when it comes to stir frys anyway. Tonight it will be beef and broccoli with a bunch of other veggies thrown in. 

    Once that is over and done with, we will sit and chillax, sucking back a hot chocolate and watching "The Voice". It is about the only reality show I watch. Not a big fan of those "so-called" reality shows the networks seem to flood our TV's with. I do know if I see that friggin ad for the roast of Justin Bieber one more time, I may throw a brick through the idiot box. Hell, I wish they'd cook him over a fire on a spit and be done with the little peckerhead.

    Well, I ran out of ramble, so I'm off, you all have a great day/evening/morning, wherever you may be! :)