Monday, March 30, 2015

Is That Toast I Smell Burning?

   Today.......... well, it sucked. We woke up to the downstairs neighbour banging on our door at 6:15. She informed me she had no heat, and I noticed there was a chill in our apartment as well. She asked if we had heat, and after checking, No! A call was placed to inform the landlord, and all day we have waited, and are still waiting.Several other calls were placed, and texts sent, and no answer, so, this isn't good.

   Hopefully things will get done tomorrow. My wife made a beautiful pot of stew this evening, which we stuffed ourselves on, she makes a great beef stew. She left it on a low simmer, and her and I were sitting in the living room, me on the computer, her watching the idiot box, and she casually asked if I smelled toast burning. I told her I did, and we both thought nothing of it, since we can often smell foods from the downstairs apartment. We both thought the lady living there was making toast for her little ones before she sent them off to bed.

   Well a knock came to the door, and once again it was our downstairs neighbour, informing us she had called the landlord several more times, and got no results.I told her it was the same for us, and I asked her if she had any means to keep her apartment warm. She told me she had a couple of electric heaters, we do as well. With that she left. It was then I noticed the "smoke" in the kitchen...... yup, the dayum stew burned dry! 

   I took one look and told the wife, nothing short of sand blasting is ever going to get that pot clean again, so I gave it a quick burial in the garbage. I really liked that pot too! 

   So, I guess it will be an early night. Crawl into bed, snuggle up till one of us can't stand the heat, and watch the idiot box till we can't keep our eyes open any longer......

Hope you all had a better day than ours.......

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