Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Feed the Idiots!

   Ever been to a zoo? I'm sure many of you have. If so, you know there are many signs up here and there, telling you not to feed the animals. Yet there is always at least one person who just has to do it anyway. Well, my wife is one of those people. Only I'm not talking about zoo animals, I'm talking about two legged idiots.

   She is the type of person that would go naked to give you something to wear, if you needed it. When she sees someone less fortunate, she really does go out of her way to help. I'm all for helping when I can, but I also know there are times when you have to draw the line and look after yourself, and those you love.

   I had written about our new neighbour on another site, and about his crazy antics. Well he was one of those idiots my wife thought she should help, and it came back to bite her in the ass. Our crazy neighbours girlfriend, robbed my wife yesterday. We had both been in our living room, and she quietly came in and cleaned much of my wifes jewellery out. WE only discovered awhile after she left our house. 

   I didn't tell my wife, "I told you so". Mainly because I got sucked into the same vortex as she did, and we both felt sorry for her, and her crazy boyfriend. 

   We have to learn to look after ourselves, and our loved ones, and protect them from people such as these two, and teach them how to recognize the difference between trying to help, and letting people walk over us. We can't always be with them, but if we teach them properly, for those times they are on their own, they will have the tools to protect themselves!  

                              We can't always be with them, but we can protect 
                              them when their using their smartphones online!