Friday, March 27, 2015

Brain Farts...........

   I've written about my new "neighbour". a friggin crackhead for sure. I've been sleeping with one eye open since he and his "friends" have moved in above us. Well, I do keep my eye on things, and last night was no exception. 

   I just have to interject here for a moment, that I sleep in the nude. If I have to go to the bathroom, I "streak" to the bathroom, and then crawl back into bed. Last night it was a bit cold, so i threw on the old housecoat to make the trip. 

   Since we(my wife and myself) share a common hallway and front entrance with the "neighbour" I am always on alert when I see things that look amiss. So when I went to the washroom at 3 in the morning, and noticed under the door that the light in the hallway was on, I thought I should take a look. I have a storage space under the stairs that lead to the upstairs apartment. 

   I opened the door and went in the hallway and checked our storage space. Everything was fine till........ the door shut behind me and locked! So there I was standing in the hallway, only a housecoat on... no slippers nothing...... locked out of my apartment, th wife was sound asleep snoring away, so I knew knocking on the door was pointless. So, I went out the front door around to the side door, running in the dark, housecoat and bare feet....... only to find the side door locked. Not only that,. but we were getting snow flurries at the time. 

   So I'm standing in the open, freezing my ass off, and finally realized I have a key hidden outside! That key was a life saver.... literally! I could have smashed a window to get in, but then I would have had to pay for it and probably fix it myself, so that key was great to have. 

   Well, I'm off for now, I still haven't thawed out, and I'm kinda sleepy..................