Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Had What?

Any of you have FaceBook accounts? I know, everybody does.... well almost everybody. I joined several years ago so I could keep up with friends, and family far away from me, a decision I'm still wondering, WTF was I thinking? Anyway, I check in time to time, and see the grand kids latest antics. 

If I pulled some of the shit when I was a kid like they are.... well, lets just say my health would be listed as in critical condition, because my old man would have seen to it. 

I just can't get over the shit people post and think we are actually interested in seeing it. Posting pics of what you are eating for that nights dinner? Are you fucking kidding me? Whats next, posting pics of your dump the next day with a caption, "Look, theres the corn I ate last night!" 

I love seeing photos, but really? If you post a pic of a meal, there better be a fucking recipe attached, or you just went on my shitlist!