Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Valentines Day!

   So once again Valentines Day is upon us. That day that reminds those who have no one, what a loser I truly am, and those who do, how much is this going to cost me this time?  

   A day of flowers, candy, chocolates, and those idiots with more money than brains.... a diamond. 
 Supposedly a day of romance, and yet we often find ourselves not so much romantic as we do find ourselves reminising about the good old days, when we were trouble free and heart break was not a part of our lives. 

   Now don't get me wrong, I am as romantic as the next guy, but just because it is Valentines day, doesn't mean we have to candy coat the truth either.

Now what Valentines Day would be complete without a romantic story? So here goes............

Once upon a time there lived a lonely man. He spent his days working and his nights drinking. He was out one night to the local watering hole having a few, when a friend and his girlfriend came in and sat down with him. They informed him of a princess who was about, and immediately bells and whistles went off in his head, it could have been love, but more than likely the beer he had been drinking 

   Still, he knew he had to meet this princess, so off he went on a quest. He came to her little cottage, and gathering strength and courage knocked upon her door. While waiting for her to answer, he realized that 1 in the morning was kind of a bad time to be calling on anyone but since the beer kicked in, all reason had left his pea brain. 

   Finally the moment arrived, she answered the door. There she stood, Hair wrapped in a towel, a flowing pink housecoat and wool socks. A true Newfie princess, all that was missing was the rubber boots! 

   Yet in his mind there stood the love of his life. They talked to the wee hours of the morning, when he bade her farewell and promised to grab his shining steed (a beat up old Pontiac) and whisk her off to a better life. 
Poor princess still wonders WTF happened,but shes still with him, he with her. The adventure continues.......................... 

and for that lovely princess, I give you this.........   

Happy Valentines Day!