Monday, January 6, 2014

Meanwhile, out on the ice............

Yes, ice fishing! We Canadians love it! It's pretty good too, because we have ice about 11 months out of the year! 

I often post a joke about asking my wife about going ice fishing with me, where she replies: You only want me to go, so you have someone to row the boat"!
Truth is, she and I have went icefishing many times together. We would join up with a friend of ours, who had an Ice shack, and off we'd go. The last time we went, it was just after her second back surgery. Well about 2 months after. 

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We got bundled up, both in snow mobile suits, and off we went. She was being very careful, because if she was to fall, and land the wrong way she was scared that the damage would be, or could be, significant enough, to land back in the hospital.
So there we were, 3 of us, in a small little ice shack, about 6 feet apart. Our friend, caught a smelt (a relative of the herrring) and was hauling up out of the hole in the ice, and said, got one! With that, I turned towards him, as did my wife, and in doing so, hauled her line right up out of the hole she was fishing in. Now I'd like to say, that was all there was too it, but I can't, because when she swung around, her hook planted itself in my ass.
I announced it rather loudly, causing our friend to swing around, and the smelt he had on his line, hit me in the face! I'm not making this shit up, it's true!
Anyway, managed to get the hook out of my ass, cleaned off my face, after several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, and back to fishing! 
It was at this time my wife said she needed to pee. Well, ice shacks don't have indoor plumbing, actually they have no plumbing....... so, my wife was bound to go behind the shack. Since she was a little nervous about falling, I was elected holder upper. Yup, I had to go out with, so she didn't fall on her ass. 
Have you ever had a few layers of clothes on, and a snowmobile suit over them? They say the army is an adventure......ha, try peeing when you have all those clothes on, in the middle of the ice, when it's cold, and windy, and in the dark! (yes, we were ice fishing at night) 
Anyway, we managed it, and got back in the shack and fished for a couple more hours. We only caught two, one that had smacked me upside the head, and one my wife snagged. I think hers was a mercy killing, I think it was a smelt that was out to commit suicide.........   
Yup, fun, Who wants to go ice fishing..hell, I'll even row the boat!