Friday, January 10, 2014

Down the Road of Memories.........

In the last few days, I've been going down the road of memories. Good and bad, a road, that when I look at it, is a journey I've been enjoying. I joined a FaceBook group, you know you're from Lunenburg, N.S. if....., which is my hometown. 
Funny thing about home towns, many of us, no matter where we end up in life, always refer to our home towns, as Home. Then, it is only fitting, because usually that is where we have been molded to who we are. 

I was born in the Fishermans Memorial Hospital, as were most of my friends. It sits on a hill, that from the upper floors, you could basically look over a good part of the town. The last time I was home, I actually spent a couple of hours there, after I managed to pull a few ligaments in my ankle. It wasn't a fun trip......... 

Actually the whole purpose of that trip, was to move our oldest son, back "Home". I was chasing down his cat, when I had my little accident! 
While I was there, I did "hobble" around a bit, and sadly, didn't see many of the old familiar faces, many of the buildings had changed, but as I hobbled along, the memories were there, as if they had happened only the day before. Which actually surprised me, as I thought of all the booze, and chemical "experiments" I had been through,as a youth! 

I walked to the old house, it stands at the corner of King St., and York St. a Catholic Church, directly across the street. One of my memories was of when they dug the old grave yard up there, to expand the church. My father was sick for a week, he as I, had seen some of the coffins, bones and such, they had hauled out, during their excavation. 

I walked by the tennis courts, a place I had spent a great deal of time............. remembering all the old friends I missed from that time. How many days, had we played tennis all day, and when the sun went down, we played cards in the little club house. 

Around the corner, was the bowling alley, where we as teenagers, gathered, and hung out. Sometimes we even bowled, but most times we played pool, and hung out, curing our "munchies" with the best dayum chicken burgers ever........I haven't found a place yet, that makes them as good as those. 

So here I sit, memories flying around my head, and if I were to keep writing, I'd be here all day, and maybe many more........... 

I've thought about writing them all down, not for a book, but for a little something for my grand children, so they have a little history, from where they came. It's always good to know where we came from, and who was there before us........ good, or bad. 

 Dayum, now I'm getting Homesick.............


  1. Now THIS is the Skip that warms my heart. The one I love to read about. I think it would be a wonderful idea to write all those memories down for your grandchildren. I wish someone in my family had been a writer and had done that. You have actually given me an idea for my own grandchildren.

    Have a beautiful day my friend.

    1. If anyone could write those memories, it is you Lia. I've seen your work, you have a beautiful way with words. I think, I am going to start a little family journal........wouldn't it be great, if we did, and someone after us, just kept it going ...... :) Have a great day my friend!

    2. I think that is a wonderful idea and yes, that would be cool if someone continued with it on through the generations.

      By the way..... I am proud of you and you know why. :-)

  2. This was special. I wished I had learned how to play tennis. I think it is awesome you did. I think you are onto something with writing your stories/memories down to then share with your grandchildren. You are a good writer Skippy as I have said many times before to you.

    1. The first tennis racquet I ever had, was one my mom got me, she got it from saving stamps at the local IGA (a grocery store) they would give you stamps for every $10. you spent. It was a lousy racquet, but it was the one I learned how to play with....... so I guess it wasn't so lousy after all! :)