Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So, this is Christmas......

Merry Christmas people. Today, I had a great day, Christmas dinner with all my family. I love them all, and am so grateful they are still here with us. 
Of course, there are moments, when I have to wonder. We gave my brother a "bed in a bag" and he is still wondering "where" the bed is??????? 
Then on another note, I have a niece, who once again , "found that love of her life", which is funny, after being married, divorced, and several boyfriends later....... 

people never cease to amaze me, they "throw people away" like they were nothing, they have no scruples, no common decency, and whine and bitch, when the first little problem arises. They take no pride in themselves. 

It is so easy to 'move on" then work things out. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I've been married for 34 years, and each day is an adventure. We don't always agree, hell, if we did, we'd be a curiosity or something.

A long time ago, I had decided, what I anted in life. A wife, a family, and hopefully a little house, where we could raise those children, and later retire. Well, the kids came along. the house.... that's another story. Yet, we have done very good all in all. 

Our fights are few, and when we do have them, our first thought isn't to go find someone that agrees with our own opinion. 

It's Christmas, people, a time for goodwill toward our fellow man/woman, funny about that, it should apply all the time........ just my opinion....... Merry Christmas!