Friday, December 6, 2013

Do I have a Case?

  Well after a long day, I was feeling very grubby and tired. I was full of sanding dust, and dry, drywall mud. My skin was so dry, it was to the point, if I bent anything too much, it would probably crack! So, I figured a nice long hot shower would do the trick. 

I was wrong! 

  I grabbed the wrong shower gel, it was my wifes. It was oil of (You know who I mean)  So, it felt kind of good, and looking at the bottle, it said, make you feel and look younger. Well, hell, I'm all for that! So, I used a few generous portions, and rubbed it on, waiting for this miracle to happen. 

  I couldn't wait to get out of the shower to see the new, younger me. I will admit, I did feel younger, but I think that was just the anticipation of the "younger" me. 

  The moment of truth arrived. I had dried off, and now it was time to see, me! Crap! Same old wrinkled me, staring back at me. Actually, I looked a little older I think! I'm starting to think, that the only thing that will get rid of these wrinkles, is if I lay down on the ironing board, and get the wife to iron them out! 

  Yup, gonna sue those guys, getting my hopes up like that, only to whisk them away with a glance in the mirror!