Friday, October 11, 2013

It is Soon Thanksgiving!

  I've been writing posts here for ages, and I picked the title for my blog, especially for the one specific reason. Blogs to Unclog, because I have always found writing an outlet, to get the crap cleared out of my head. It was only this morning, that I noticed I had unclog misspelled in the logo. After a little self embarrassment, and a little cursing at myself, I fixed it! Apparently I had a brain fart while making it!

  As we Canadians know, our Thanksgiving is nearing. Many seem to lump Thanksgiving and religion together. This is something I don't do, mainly because I'm not a religious person. I know, I know, many of you are going to get your panties in a bunch over this...........  sorry, but that's just me. 

  I find it hard to believe in an invisible man, walking around the clouds, watching whatever we do, and hearing whatever we say, and supposedly what we think. After all, if you look back through time, right up to today, there have been more people tortured, maimed, persecuted, and even killed in the name of some religion or other, which should make us all think whose and what God is the right one, if one should exist at all.

  I think it's time we started worshiping/taking care of Mother Earth, after all, she doesn't care what religion, race, or color you happen to be. She treats us all the same. One minute all is well, next there's a storm brewing! We as people often forget, that this earth is all we have, and treat it as our personal crap pile. Too bad, to, as this is all we have. 

  How often have I went to a shopping mall, and walking through the parking lot, is much like something you see from the old west, but instead of tumbleweeds blowing around, it is garbage, paper, tin cans,etc. blowing around. Not a pretty sight at all. 

  So when you are sitting around your table, with friends and family this Thanksgiving, give a little shout out, to the one that really watches and takes care of us at times, good old Mother Earth!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!