Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Short but Sweet Visit!

 Wow! Been awhile since I wrote anything here. Been so very busy with other things. I have set up a few other sites, one is doing alright as far as reading goes, well actually two have. I actually enjoy making sites, maybe someday I'll get better at it! 

  I've also been away from home, trying to find a job, that will pay the bills, and keep me out of trouble. Being away from home, isn't my idea of a fun time, but a necessary evil. 

  One of the things I did enjoy, was visits by my wife, while I was away. Her and my sons girlfriend, along with my grandson, were welcome visits, that made it seem all worth while. 

  On one such visit, we all got together for a BBQ, where my son gave my grandson a new bike. He tore the parking lot up that day! 

Braeden and his new bike. 

Those moments we get, whether short or not, can really pick up your spirits, when you need it the most!

Dolly getting the scallops wrapped in bacon ready, of course I had to supervise! 

just  chillaxin!

Well, that's all I have for now, don't be scared to come back and visit!