Friday, July 19, 2013

Being quite busy, can really cut down on blogging time. I find myself neglecting my blog here, from time to time, but this is a hobby, and life, well, life is just that. It comes with all the responsibilities, whether we want it to or not. Anyway, I thought I'd try to make up for a little lost time, and basic neglect.
Today, I thought I'd write a little about family............again. After all, they are all we have, so why wouldn't I?  BB84CBJNBGNM
This is a pic of my brothers, and Mom. Mom is sorta like the glue, that holds everything together. All our lives, we as children, are constantly hollering: Mom! She is always there for us, when we holler! I had often wondered, what we all would do, when she leaves this earth, who will we holler too then? It is then that I realize, she has been our teacher all our lives, and she has taught us well, we will be left on our own, but well prepared to handle what needs to be handled. 

This is my wife, Dolly. Shes the one that holds me together, and every so often, gives me an ass kicking, when I need it. Apparently, I need it more than I think, because, my ass is sore! We have just reached 34 years of marriage, and I love her as much, maybe even more, than the first time we met. She was the glue, that held our little family together. All those colds, scratches, bumps and bruises, wiped the tears, and stilled the fears. 

Cory and his lady, Andrea,         

                           Colin and his lady, Tessa


She raised the boys well, and they in turn, are raising children of their own. All of us growing, and learning as we go along. New things to learn everyday, and mistakes to be made as well, but they say, we learn from our mistakes, and although sad, it is true.