Saturday, February 16, 2013

Then.......and Now!

This weekend will mark our 34th Wedding Anniversary................ been a long haul, but it's still going strong! 

            This was then..............................

This is now............................................

A few more wrinkles, a little more paunchy around the middle, but all in all, not so bad. I often say,that it's been 34 years, and she hasn't killed me yet, people think I'm joking..............heck, she's had plenty of reason too! Plenty of ups, and plenty of downs, but thank goodness the ups, have always out numbered the downs! 

Don't be asking what our secret is, because even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you. That is something different for all of us.The only thing I can say, is never give up. That's the problem today, in a lot of relationships, it's too easy to walk away, and start somewhere else. I remember, somewhere in our wedding vows, it said"for better or for worse"....something many forget nowadays. 

If the wedding reception, and the "honeymoon" would have been an indicator, of how things were going to go, we would have both ran, and probably never have looked back! 
I made the mistake of hiring a friend, to play the music, (which I spent many, many hours of recording) and he brought crappy equipment, and let's just say it wasn't good. Overall, though, things went well at the reception. 

The Honeymoon......oh, the Honeymoon. We didn't have much money, getting by on a wish and a shoestring, so, we went to a local motel. Things started bad, as soon as we went out to the car, to leave. Since it was February, and it had snowed, with a little freezing rain,mixed in, the car doors were frozen. I drove about 4 miles, holing my door shut, because the door locks were froze. 

After we arrived at our destination, we got ourselves all comfortable, and that was when, we got a visitor from............."Mother Nature"?  All I'm saying about that. Just glad I brought some wine, and that 24 case of beer! Then my wife got violently ill, only to find out she contracted some form of virus. 
So between nursing her and the weather, it was interesting. I wouldn't change a thing.........well, except for the virus my wife got. She was sick for a month. 

So, tomorrow, we are going to have some friends and family her for a big dinner, a few drinks, and hopefully a few laughs. Happy Anniversary Darling, Love you! 

PS. I owe you one GOOD HONEYMOON!


  1. I love this story and I think one of the secrets to this long happy marriage is the fact that you made it through all that turmoil right from the start and that set the stage for you two to live happily ever after because I believe you both take the "for better or worse" part seriously.
    Congratulations to you and your lovely lady. I hope you have 34 more wonderful years together. Yeah yeah, you will be old but nothing cuter than an old couple that still holds hands :-)

    Oh, gosh you were YOUNG in that picture !! lol

  2. thank you for visiting, we were young for sure,(19, my wife) (21, me!) with all the usual things that come with it, hopes, dreams and though some never made it to fruition, it's all been a great journey so far!

  3. Good man, Skip. You're a star. Many people would do well to learn from you and I am so lucky to be able to call you a friend.

  4. I'm going into my 20th year with my sweetheart and you are absolutely correct to say that relationships are work.

  5. lovely story....I sometimes wish things would have been different but then things wouldn’t be like they are....and I’m happy with it