Monday, October 15, 2012

Cyber Bulling..the ultimate result..........

Usually I like to write something light, and funny. I've been seeing so much posted about this story lately, I thought for once, I'd post something a little more serious. To tell you the truth, things like this, really bother me, and I just wish I had a cure to make it all better.............

How does a beautiful young girl, like this, have to be tormented, to end the way she did? What goes through your mind, before you do this to yourself? Where were her parents? Did they ever talk to one another? 
I'm sorry, but this just drives me fucking nuts. We hear about this everyday, and yet it continues. I've seen this so much on FaceBook lately, I hate to open it up at the present. I mean really, did this girl not have anyone to talk too? She seems to have  been a normal teenage girl, and yet she felt the need to kill herself. 
I do not believe that  cyber bullying should exist. If things are that bad when you log on to the internet...GET THE HELL OFF! GO TELL YOUR PARENTS! 
Do I feel sorry that things ended this way FOR THIS YOUNG GIRL...hell yes! I JUST CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW SHE LET THINGS GO AS FAR AS THEY DID.
Parents, please monitor your teens when they are on the internet. They are, after all teens, and we all know the stupid things we did when we were teens. Most of us did something stupid to fit in, we wanted to be accepted.  Teens today are no different, except many of them have no respect for anyone but their own friends. Which is really sad. They say and do stupid things, get in trouble, and who do they come to when they get their asses in a sling.... the ones they assume are too old and stupid to know anything!
So getting back to cyber bullying, trolling, or whatever you want to call it, it's just a SHUTDOWN away! The point is, there is way too much going on internet wise, for us not to monitor what our children are doing when they have the access to the internet the way they do. Many teens  today have cell phones, that can access the internet...... WHY? Phones were what we counted on in a case of emergency... to contact relatives... to contact friends... now they are for playing? 
You can watch a fucking movie on your cell phone...although I can't figure out why anyone would want to see a movie on a 3 inch screen.
Monitor your kids, if you get them a cell phone... make sure it's for actually CALLING someone in an emergency, if they have a cell phone, I'm sure they have the internet at home... so why do they need it any other time? 
There have been too many deaths related to cyberbulling..... WATCH YOUR KIDS LIKE THEIR LIVES DEPENDED UPON IT! BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT DOES!