Wednesday, October 31, 2012

  As I sit here writing this, my thoughts go out to all those who have been directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. I see the pictures, and even then, the destruction is beyond belief. The water damage, fire damage, and wind damage. In just one area, 80 to 100 homes have burned down, houses destroyed by high surf surges, and cars and houses damaged by wind. 

  Another casualty of Hurricane Sandy, was the Tall Ship, HMS Bounty. She was built in my hometown,Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in 1962. Originally she was built for the movie, Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Marlon Brando. After the movie, she served as a goodwill ambassador. She went down in rough seas, after taking on water, and two crew members went missing. Eventually one was found, who later died in the hospital, as of writing, the other (the captain) is still missing.

  All very sad indeed. My grand father worked on the building of the Bounty. He also worked on Bluenose II. He was a ships rigger. If he were alive today, he would have been deeply saddened by the news of her loss. 

  Now, on to other things... Halloween is upon us, that time of year, no matter how ugly you may be, you will fit in just fine...just kidding! I always loved this time of year, and going door to door, to see what goodies I could collect, and then suffer from stomach aches for a few days after, from eating all that great stuff, that usually isn't any good for us at all!

  I was driving in my sons car the other day, when I heard the most stupid of advertisements for Halloween treats. Are you ready...? Canned tomatoes! Yes, you heard me right, canned tomatoes. The gist of the ad went... these canned tomatoes, would be great for those "older trick or treaters". well, I don't know about you, but I have never thought of canned tomatoes as a Halloween treat. Mainly, because if you were to give them out as treats, you will probably get them back as some form of trick. A few possibilities, one, mashed up all over your car/house, or left in the can, flying through your window!

  Some advertisers will go to any lengths to sell us some crap or other. Some vendors will do the same. My newest pet peeve, is the pizza chain, that is actually putting wieners in their crust! Are you effin kidding me? Wieners in pizza crust! 

  How many times have you said, "I wish someone would put wieners in their pizza crust"?................................. If you are like me...NEVER!

  As I've grown older, I now look forward to all the little ones, coming to our house, all decked out in their costumes. I use to dress up just for answering the door, but lately we don't receive that many little visitors, so I gave up on it. Of course, the weather this year is going to play a key factor in the visitors as well. We still have quite a bit of rain and wind, leftover from Hurricane Sandy.

 Usually we are stuck with a bunch of left over treats, which come in quite handy, for "sugaring up" our grand children, before their parents come to pick them up. So if you have left over treats, and grand children, remember that little tidbit of information..., it's a great way to get back at your kids for the hell they put you through over the years. 

Be safe..........Happy Halloween! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did I scare you? :)