Friday, September 28, 2012

Strays...The forgotten ones.......

For the last 2 years, my wife and myself, have been feeding a few stray cats. One has become a pet...well almost. Smokie, as we call her, is almost 2 years old, and we feed her every day, just as if she was our own.
She was abandoned, by a little dickhead, that lived across the street from us. In total, he had 22 cats. One by one, they disappeared, either by being run over(we live on a busy street) or they just took off. The last litter, is the one that Smokie, came from. 

Although we have been looking after Smokie for as long as we have, she is still wild, and is independent. My wife, or myself cannot pick her up to hold her. She will however, jump up on our laps, when we are sitting outside, on our lawn chairs. She loves to be petted,though! Each day, she comes to our house, and we feed her. After, she will come and rub against our legs, to get some loving, and off she goes again. I took this pic below, earlier today. She comes and eats, wasps flying around her head, yet she is so use to this, she continues eating and doesn't pay them no mind!

I would have taken her to the Humane Society long ago, because I know I could have captured her, but I didn't want to see her euthanized, and that is what they do to stray cats, because there is such an abundance of them. I'd rather feed her the way I have, as to see her put down. I even made her a shelter last winter, and put an old blanket in it for her to lay down.

People, if you have pets, please, please, take good care of them, they have no voice of their own, they are our pets, our friends,even part of our family, they love us, as we love them.