Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family...it's all we have!

  This past summer, my son, future daughter -in - law, grandson, wife and myself, took a little camping trip.It was the May 24th. weekend, which is actually a big thing here in Canada. It usually marks the official start of the summer here, and everyone seems to be in a partying mood!

  Well, we were no different, we packed up our gear, and off we went for a little camping trip.Now that was alright, except that the weather is unpredictable here at the best of times, and so was the case the first night we pitched the tent. That night the temperature dipped down in the low 40's, and we, needless to say, were unprepared. Well we did the cuddling thing, to use body heat, and don't let anyone tell you that drinking a lot of beer is going to keep you warm...tried it, and epic failure.....and I've never been so glad in all my life, as I was when the sun finally came up the next morning. I was peeing icicles when I first got up. 
However, the day warmed up, and we all had a pretty good time. Cory and I, grabbed a couple tennis racquets(they had courts there) and I showed him that the old man still got it! I beat his scrawny little ass all over the court, while drinking a beer at the same time!

  I use to be an avid tennis player years ago, and my doubles partner and I won the 16 and under for the entire province of Nova Scotia! I just wish I'd have kept up with my tennis playing....now I'm just an armchair athlete.
Camping was one of the things, my wife and the family enjoyed.We use to go every weekend when the weather was half decent. By half decent, I mean there were no hurricanes, and no brush fires in the near area. Although we did go a few times when the wind and rain was so bad, we had to sleep in the car. Even that didn't dsampen our spirits, we were together, and we were having a good time!

  Anyway, I took a few pics on this camping trip, and I put a little slide show together with them. I chose the music I did, because this song always takes me to a happy place, and that was what this camping trip did for me....family, you have to love them!!!!!!!