Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ageing Gracefully...yea Right!

Do you like to take pictures? If you answered yes, quick, run, don't stop, get the pics, negatives, discs, wherever you have them, and start a fire with them. All they are going to do, is remind you, of you, when you, where a younger, prettier, and more than likely, happier you!
So you maybe asking, what brought about this little tirade? Well, I was posting some pics on FaceBook, and after I had finished, I went back and checked them all out, as I usually do, and decided, (against my better judgement it seems now) and went through all my older photos. 
Now they did give me a few good memories, mostly of my children, and grand children, and then I saw them! Me! A younger me! No man boobs, no out of shape, old guy, but a younger guy, slim and trim!
Oh, how I'd like to be that guy again.... but it ain't happening. What you say, you could work out, get that body back. I can't, and I'll tell you why! I'm too dayum lazy! It's just too much work, and I don't want to spend the little time I have left on Mother Earth, sweating to the oldies! Hey you don't believe I was once in shape?


My exercise regime consists of walking. Walking to the bathroom during commercials, walking to the fridge during commercials, walking to bed after the commercials. The walking can get very strenuous at times, and if you plan to use this exercise method, I'd do so only under the advisement of your local doctor!

Yup, ageing sucks, if possible, I'd advise against it!