Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A backward kind of day

  So today, I had a backward day. It started out bad from the start. I woke up at my usual time, 6am. and there was a present for me, from my cat.She gave me a lovely ,long hairball.Now I'm actually use to this, but when I step into a mess like this, first thing in the morning................... I even buy her the expensive food, that says it takes care of this....Right!

  After the cat hair ball incident, things just got worse. I was rushing this morning, and left the lights out, while I was getting dressed. (Hey, I didn't want to wake the wife up.....she's very grumpy in the morning! ) So I hauled on a pair of jogging pants, I wanted to be comfortable today, because today, was a sanding day at work. A very hard day on the body, and the mind at times.

  Once I was almost dressed, my son hauled up in the work truck to take me to work. I never keep him waiting, because he is always late, so I grabbed my lighter and cigarettes rushing out the door. Once I was seated in the truck, I went to put my cigarettes and lighter in my pocket, and couldn't! 
The pockets were like they were going he wrong way........ Well, they were, in my rushing, and dressing in the dark, I had my pants on backwards.
Now I've been known to do a few dumb ass things in my time, but putting my pants on backwards, is a first for me!

  I sat in the truck and started to laugh, and my son gave me one of those alright? Yes, I am, but you'd never believe what I just did.Well I told him, and after he stopped laughing, we continued onto work. 
After arriving, I went and changed my pants around to the right way. 
The rest of the day went rather normal, I'm just glad I'm home, showered, fed, and finally relaxed!
So, how was your day?