Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 Computers...a happy life!

  Well it's Sunday. A little cool outside, and inside.... boring as watching the grass grow.Nothing worth watching on TV, no kids to chase around today, and the animals are all fed, and content. Wife has all her chores done, and since I cracked a rib, I've been forgiven the Honey-do list.

  So, what to do? Well if you know me, my free time is spent on the computer. I have an HP Pavillion Slimline Desktop.I bought it last year and so far it hasn't given me any reason to take an axe to it, or throw it out a window. It does what I ask of it, and that's good enough for me.

  I also have an HP Mini Notebook. Or what most call a laptop. I originally bought the laptop, because we were travelling a lot for work, and I would bring it along with me on those trips. 

  I've found lately, that having the laptop, has saved a lot of fights. Yup, having the desk top and the laptop both, has saved me a lot of aggravation, and kept me sleeping in bed, instead of the couch/sofa. The fact being, if I can keep the wife in Farmville, without interruption, and I can keep myself online, where I want to be.... two computers and it's all good.

 See, if I can keep my wife happy, that means I will be happy! So guys, ladies, if you are an Internet couple, may I suggest two computers instead of one, it could save your marriage...maybe even a life...just kidding!