Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Kill That "Free Time" When your out of Work!

This is a blog I had written about 2 1/2 years ago. It didn't get much notice on the site it was on, and I actually liked this blog post, so here it is,again, hope someone likes it!
I have come to that time in my life experience, that finds me unemployed. Surprise!I had worked in the printing trade for 23 years.Now I am as they say"shit out of luck".Myself and fellow employees, were kicked out. so to speak.The company we worked for, decided to move their Canadian operations to the USA.So they in their infinite wisdom, shut us down. This came as a complete surprise to all of us,and now we find ourselves in the "job market".So where does a 52 year old, down on his luck, under educated,broken down old man go to find a job? the answer is simple, HE DON'T. So this brings me to the subject at hand, what to do with all that free time, when your out of work?
Well I have found several ways to accomplish this, some of them a little unorthodox.Yet they do what I say they do.Now I had planned to write this up as an E book, and make big bucks from it, but for today, I am offering this article FREE OF CHARGE.Why you may ask? Well I know that times are tough, and there are many of you in the same boat as I am, so I thought this little offering may help to ease some of that pressure of the daily grind. So let's get down to the business at hand, and start with our first method of killing that free time. My first method is..... DRINKING!
Wait, did he say drinking? Well yes I did. What you do is this, as soon as that EI cheque arrives in your mailbox, or bank account, you run to the nearest liquor store and buy the cheapest damn stuff your system can handle.Why cheapest stuff? Well you do want to stretch out that cheque, and you might want a few smokes to go along with that cheap liquor,besides, the cheap stuff will work just as well as any good stuff, to put you in that drunken stupor,to kill some time.Yup, that time will just fly by, and you won't even miss it.
Okay, now that we sobered up a bit, let's discuss my next method of killing that free time.This falls under the Get Rich Quick theme.
Sign up for every online internet get rich program you can find.Every single damn one.Not only will filling out all those forms kill precious time, but reading all those testimonials will keep you busy as well.....for hours! There is an other little perk to this time killing method,you will receive Email like you have never received before. Just hours and hours of reading and unsubscribe fun. Disable that pop up blocker of yours too! That's an experience in itself. I signed up for so many of these,that I couldn't remember half of my passwords or log-in details at all. I finally had to enter all of them in a document,that I kept on my desktop for easy access. Believe me, when I tell you, just trying to organize that crap was very time consuming. You have probably noticed I didn't mention any particular program here,I didn't do it for any legal reason, just for the simple fact, I didn't think any were worth mentioning by name.
So moving right along, let's discuss my least favourite method of killing that free time. That's hanging out at the Mall. Why you may ask, would a 52 year old man hang out at the mall, unless he is a pervert or pedophile? Well, just for the excitement. You're best time for this, is when the kids' have gotten out of school,or if it's summer break, wait til late in the morning, they should be up by then. You will get to see some real funny stuff, all those cliques, just trying to climb that social ladder, all those tattooed kids, that when they grow older, those tattoos just are not going to look as good as they think they do now. Those body piercings, damn some of those must hurt, and I ain't talking about the ones we can see either! Yup, just hours of entertainment waiting to unfold right before your eyes, killing that free time, and it's better then going to a movie, Hell, it's LIVE ACTION!
This method of killing all that free time, came to my attention, completely by accident. It was not a fun way to kill time either.
My wife and I were sitting out enjoying the summer night, having a cocktail or two,the mosquitoes were buzzing,and so we went back inside, it was late, so off to bed.The next day, my right arm had swollen twice the size of my left. Well I didn't pay any attention, just scratched a lot. By that evening, I had developed blood poisoning, and you guessed it, off to the Hospital and that long wait in the waiting area. Talk about killing time. The hours did not fly by though.They dragged and dragged and dragged.............. and dragged. Finally I was in, with an IV stuck in my arm. After, I was sent along on my merry way, with the IV needle still stuck in my arm, because I had to go back the next evening for a follow up IV.Apparently my veins were not easy to access, so this was there little way of them saving time. So the next night, off I go to the hospital again, through the same waiting process as the evening before, and eventually getting my new IV. Thank God that they took to my system and cleared up the infection, I mean, I killed a lot of free time, but, if you can avoid this method, PLEASE DO!
Now we come to my most favourite method of killing that free time.That is just what I've done here. Writing a blog. I just love to sit and rant about some topic or another.I am not a professional, as my grammar and spelling probably have given me away already. I just love to write. I have never given much thought to writing for money, more for the pure enjoyment of creating something that is all mine.I have written several blogs, none really of note, (whoever reads this probably is thinking this hasn't much value either) but it is all mine, and I love it.