Saturday, December 17, 2011

He's Happy Now

  Somewhere along my journey, I lost what I started out to do, and that was just to blog for enjoyment. I got tied up in trying to be one of those Internet guru types, and I've come to realize, that I've been trying too hard! In that, I mean I became over whelmed with all the hype, and lost my way. Well, I think I found my path again, so here is the first of my new blogs! I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

He's Happy Now

After years of abusing my body with alcohol, and drugs, I awoke one day, and found a reason to give up my excessive drinking and misuse of drugs, and finally make a happy life....... !  

  Slowly he rises. Looks himself over, covered in debris, and mud, soaked to the bone. It was only a light drizzle when he crawled into the ditch the night before. He sheltered himself as best he could, but there wasn't much there to protect him from the elements. He chuckles to himself, Thank God it's summer, or I'd be a large icicle today.
  He brushes off the dirt and grime as best he can, and heads for the road, thumb ready for an oncoming car. The car speeds by, not even slowing as it got close to him. Damn! I know that person, he just drove by, what the hell? 

  Then realization strikes him. No it isn't because of the mud, or dirt and grim. It's because he is famous, or rather infamous. He's been playing the part of the town drunk. Falling asleep here and there, but never bothering anyone, only by his presence. How many times had the kindly bartender, just let him sleep in a darkened corner, till he heard Last Call! Everyone out! Slowly he would rise from the darkened corner, he knew everyone left in the bar knew he was there. They all looked at him and had all formed some opinion, a waste, a poor soul who lost his way. He didn't care, he had his own opinion of himself, one he would never share with anyone, except that special someone he was waiting for.He wasn't homeless, nor was he jobless, he had both, and he was proficient at working as a functioning drunk, if there is such a thing. 

  Outside now in the early morning cool air. It felt good, a little brightness from the drunk fog. Off to home now, a short but at the same time long journey. Long because he dreaded the loneliness that waited for him. He would go home and sleep it off, only to start over the next day, after he finished work. Yes, he could go all day without a drink, he didn't even consider himself an alcoholic….yet!  

  The work day over, time to start the party again. Down to the pub, a few draught to start the evening. He was just into his fifth when one of the few friends he still had came in and sat down at his little table in the corner. The usual small talk ensued, and then a interesting tidbit was dropped onto him. A new girl had come to town, even better, she didn't know him, but he knew her. Or rather, knew her picture. He had seen it many times.It hung on the wall of another friends house.A drinking buddy.She had just moved to town, had a bad relationship, that involved a lot of hitting, and screaming.  

  Let's go see her, says he, no says his friend, it's late, and she is probably asleep. Well to hell with you, I know my way, I'll go myself.his friend gives in, come on I'll drive you, your to drunk to walk that far, but in reality he knew he wasn't, he had not had the chance to get that far tonight.
His friend went to the door first, he followed behind, more nervous than he had ever been in his life, for he had fallen in love with a picture, of a lady he had never met, yet he was sure when they did, it would be a mutual love at first sight.  

  So finally the time had come, and he met the lady in the picture, she was everything he had always imagined and more. They talked for hours, forgetting there were other people present, hardly heard her brother say he was going to bed, or when his friend had left.  

  Finally after a long chat, she said , I will be right back, there is someone I'd like you to meet. A fear gripped him, who would she want him to meet? From out of the bedroom, she came, with a tiny little bundle all wrapped up. She said I would like you to meet my son, a little 4 month old boy. Oh she was smart, she drew him in, and Bang! dropped the hammer. Would you like to hold him, says she. Well if she trusts him to hold her baby, Why not? Well he looked down at that little boy, and fell in love all over again. He was the prettiest little thing he had ever seen. So now she went about getting his bottle ready, and a clean diaper. The feeding and burping over, she tucked the baby back into bed, and they talked well into the early morning. He wanted to be polite, and leave, knowing she would have to get up early with the baby, but he hesitated, because he hadn't felt so good in such a long time. 

  He did leave though, with a promise to call her tomorrow, if she'd like. Why yes, that would be fine. So the courtship began, and they had many good laughs, and also many good cries, but they always stuck it out. They were married 6 months later, on a cold February night, but they didn't notice the cold. They went on to have another son, yes another because he adopted the other little guy. They still live, happily till ever after. I know because He is Me! Everyone can change, it can happen when you least expect it, don't ever give up on yourself, you would be amazed at what you are capable of.