Thursday, February 15, 2018

And The Assholes Come Out To Play

I have a few sites on which I write. This is one, and I have another. It seems whenever I write a post, within minutes I have 7 or 8 spam comments. Assholes who have nothing better to do, than post links to usually porn sites or dating sites. 
They get around the spam process by making fake email addresses that the spam filter believes are legitimate emails. Yup, these fuckers have it down to a science. There are plugins on my other site that does filter some of these, but there are always a few that mange to sneak by.

Then you have the other assholes online, that when you have any kind of a tragedy, come out in droves. Their usual spiel starts out naming the opposite political party of theirs and take it from there. 
A perfect example of this was the school shooting which happened only yesterday. Anyone with any dayum common sense should realize that no matter what political affiliation a person is, if they are a normal person being of sound mind and body, is not going to shoot up a school of innocent children. This constant bullshit bickering between political parties is getting really annoying to those outside the good old US of A. Which I'm beginning to believe stands for United States of Assholes. 

I'm sorry my "Murikan" friends, but it seems you all care more about what political party someone is affiliated with, then the mental stability of your population. I'm sure there are many people who live in neighbourhoods which are of both party affiliations, you guys haven't started to shoot at each other ...yet? Have You? If not, I and the rest of the civilized world have to assume you can get along to some degree without mixing politics in? 

Then we have those paranoid assholes that believe as soon as one of these shootings occur, the big bad men in the black suits are coming to take away their precious guns. Well after 17 or 18 of these shootings, it's quite obvious that isn't going to happen. They get all uppity spouting the 2nd amendment. 

Lets not forget the other side of that coin, the ones who DO want to take away the guns, or at the very least demand stricter gun control laws. Yet as of this writing, they haven't come up with a solution. They bawl and they whine and start to lay blame on an incompetent president, who even I will admit hasn't anything to do with this situation. 

Yes folks, the assholes are alive, well and very active. Just one thing, I believe that all people of sane mind and body should have the right to own a gun, even guns, but I also believe that some guns, the people do not need. I won't argue about this, You will not change my mind, to me, if you think you should and need an assault rifle, you are almost as crazy as that asshole who shot up a school and are just waiting to snap! Well, thats my opinion, and we all know opinions are like assholes, we all have one... unless of course yours was shot off! 😇

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Something Is In The Air

Yes, there is something in the air, and even though it is Valentines Day as I hen peck my keyboard, it isn't love...sorry. What there is going through the air, is a dayum flu going around, and IT CAN KILL!. 
You ask, why is this important? We always have some sort of flu season. I will tell you why. Because some people are pigs, and have no respect for others.

I was on the bus the other day, the bus was packed from front to back, and standing room only. There were two people on that bus, coughing so hard, I thought they cough a lung up and onto the floor. These people never even bothered to try and cover their mouth during these coughing fits. Here a germ, there a germ, fucking germs everywhere, and they were just spewing them forth with every cough. 

Now I have no idea why they were on that bus, I would hope they were off to a doctors appointment to try and get something for it, but I doubt it. Otherwise, they shouldn't have been on a city transit bus as sick as they appeared to be. 

I feel sympathy for anyone sick, but these people should have a little considerfation for those around them.